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Looking Back,
Moving Forward


Courtesy of Jerry Li

About the Project

The Beauty of Saratoga Initiative chapter of Looking Back, Moving Forward (LBMF) is a collaboration of residents dedicated to documenting and sharing the family histories and stories of understudied racial and ethnic communities in Saratoga, CA and in Santa Clara County. 


Through these narratives, we celebrate diversity and grasp the essence of Saratoga, molded by the complex interplay of settler colonialism, immigration, and agriculture, and shed light on the resolute endeavors to forge a path towards a future fostered by the spirit of community building and unwavering activism.


Featuring Saratoga residents.

Wong Family Tree (3).png
The village archway of a resident's hometown in China.
Graphic by Lynn Dai, Photos Courtesy of Hannah Dimock
Courtesy of David Palmer
“The point I want to drive home with [discussing my family history] is that, proud as I am of it, I'm not any more of a ‘real’ American than the child of immigrant parents, or the person who took the oath of citizenship yesterday. In some ways, those people are much closer to the core American experience than I am.”

Andy Dimock


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